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Cooking Instructions For Prime Rib Roast

Have you been searching for cooking instructions for prime rib roast and still can't find a recipe that will give you the juicy and tender prime rib roast that you deserve? The reason may be that recipes only give you the basic ingredients for cooking and not the cooking instructions for prime rib roast.

Let's start with cooking instructions for prime rib roast that begins long before the day you prepare your prime rib. First, you should choose the prime rib that will give adequate portions for each guest that will be attending your dinner party. You may have to look for rib eye instead of prime rib, some local grocery stores label prime rib as rib eye. You can ask the butcher if he would remove most of the fat from the prime rib roast that you choose. This will save you time preparing the roast. If you can not get the butcher to remove the excess fat, then you will have to trim it when you get it home. You should leave just a little bit of fat on the roast for added flavor.

The next step in your cooking instructions for prime rib roast is to create a seasoning rub or paste. You can use ingredients such as coarse salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and even honey. Slit the prime rib roast on top about ˝ inch deep all over the top and sides. Rub the seasoning rub or paste on the entire roast, including the bottom and sides, anywhere the meat is exposed. Place in a roasting pan or baking dish with a lid. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Most cooking instructions for prime rib roast include using a meat thermometer and this is the best way to ensure that your prime rib is cooked to perfection and not overcooked. The internal temperature for rare prime beef should be 130 degrees Fahrenheit, for medium rare around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, medium around 150 degrees Fahrenheit and for well done between 160 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

For cooking instructions for prime rib roast that is boneless the basic cooking time is for medium is a 3 to 4 pound prime rib roast should be cooked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 23 to 30 minutes per pound, for a 4 to 6 pound prime rib roast you should cook it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 to 20 minutes per pound and for a 8 to 10 pound prime rib roast you should cook it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 13 to 15 minutes per pound. Remember, this is only an estimate and all oven do not cook the same. You should still use a meat thermometer to ensure the desired doneness.

The last cooking instructions for prime rib roast and maybe the most important is to let the roast sit for around 15 minutes before carving. The roast will still cook and the internal temperature will raise another 10 degrees but this sitting time is important to hold in the juices and flavor.

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